About Us

20 years experence as web designers

We have a professional team of web developers, some of us have been designing and coding websites for over 20 years! Our team has the following skills:- web design, graphic design, IT and coding. Final website checking is done by an English graduate, to ensure all of the language used on your website is tip top.

Internet installers

Need access to the internet at home or your business? We have a professional team of satellite internet technicians and installers that will help choose the best solution for you.
We have a range of products that can get you connected wherever you are in the Kingdom by satellite or by fibre optic connection. Our most popular is satellite internet, which gives you your own private low cost access to the internet. You pay a small installation fee and we put a small dish at your house or business, once a month there will be an affordsble charge for your equipment rental and your data, because there are no contracts and you can cancel at any time, we do ask for a security deposit of one month and thats it.

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Facebook Express Wi-Fi is spreading like wildfire throughout the Kingdom. Don't delay and miss out, contact us today for a quotation.